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Olde Town Dish Reviewing the satellite television provider channels, packages, and services.


Dish is the leading provider of satellite television in the USA. A common name in domestic and business entertainment, Dish has been a top choice for satellite television services. Dish has popular channels and custom packages depending on your requirements. The slim bundle options prove to be cost effective for users.

Dish has options for business, enterprise, and international packages. The service comes with an antenna that is mounted above your house or business. A high definition DVR called Hopper is installed to connect to the television. Additional devices called Joeys are installed for more televisions in the house.

Dish has voice operated search, wireless connection, advanced remote control, and so on. The compact mini Hopper lets the users download their favorite shows and watch them on the go without any mobile data or wireless connection. Users can also access their shows via the mobile phone application and watch them while traveling. Continuous streaming of the shows is possible even when the user changes the devices such as laptop, Macbook, mobile phone, or a tablet. If you are travelling in an RV, they have portable satellite television antenna for installation.

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Dish also offers additional services such as setting up the speaker system and repairing smart phones. Dish enables access to Netflix, Pandora, Vevo, and other applications using the DVR and television. You can view multiple channels at the same time and can record up to 16 shows simultaneously and store up to 500 hours of high definition video. Dish lets users access on demand shows and pay per view options. The price guarantee for two years offers huge savings for customers. Dish stands out to be the best in customer service and problem resolution.

Olde Town Dish Overview


The channels offered by Dish vary with the package. All time favorite channels and prime time channels are available on Dish. For example, the Flex Pack has Cartoon Network, the Top 120 has Disney Channel and ESPN, the Top 200 has NBA Network and Disney XD, and the Top 250 has DIY and H2 channel. Dish has exclusive channels such as Boomerang cartoons. HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and others are some of the popular channels available.

Dish offers around 6500 on-demand shows for its customers. The movie channels available from Dish include the Starz Encore, the Turner channel, and so on. You can find adult entertainment channels on Dish and bundle them to get more programs you need. Sports channels are available including NFL, NHL, ESPN, NBA, and MLB. Racing sports and outdoor sports channels are offered by Dish. Willow cricket channel is available for cricket lovers.


Dish has different packages to suit your budget and channel needs. The Flex Pack starts at $39.99 with 58 channels, America's Top 120 package starts at $54.99 with 190 channels, America's Top 200 package starts at $64.99 with 240 channels, and America's Top 250 package starts at $74.99 with 290 channels.

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Dish partnered with nationwide Internet service providers to offer better bundles. Dish's international packages start at $14.99. The international channels in Hindi, Telugu, Polish, Italian, and Spanish among others can be added on top of a core package. Dish Latino starts at $34.99 for a two year contract. Dish business packages serve lobby, office, restaurant, bar, waiting areas, retail, hotels, apartments, condos, and so on.

Business owners can offer Dish channels as a add-on service or freebie to attract and retain customers. The Dish packages can be bundled to provide custom services. Choose the packages in your area and add additional channels as you wish.


Dish has good channels to offer but its billing is extremely misleading. Customers get charged extra for the advanced features. The auto payment option from the bank account is the worst condition. Customers are getting referred to collection agents even after cancelling the services and closing the accounts. If you cancel before the contract period of two years, you will be charged $20 per month for the remaining months. All the free channels offered initially will be charged without notifying the customer. They do not take any responsibility for any fault in the devices they installed. The customers are charged hefty fees for repairing any of their devices.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Dish satellite television services.


  • Available nationwide
  • Build flexible packages
  • Supports programs in 29 international languages
  • Regional sports included with no additional charges
  • Skip commercials instantly
  • Find lost remote easily with options
  • Supports Bluetooth audio and wireless connections
  • Flat fee for two years with auto pay, approved credit, and 2 year contract
  • Save more with bundle options


  • Bulky antenna installation and performance extremely dependent on weather
  • Complex installation of Hopper and Joey
  • Additional fee $7 for every add-on television
  • Requires additional hardware for installation
  • Mandatory core package for an international channel
  • Outdoor service costs additional $7 per month
  • Limited support for devices provided
  • Premium channels that were offered for free initially get automatically charged after the free period
  • Poor notification to customers about upcoming extra charges
  • Customer need to cancel the free channels by calling or online
  • Premium channels and device upgrades available for only certain packages

Check with the local Dish providers for the billing options and the conditions to cancel. Set a budget and check the hidden cost of each option before selecting a package.